Corona App

Corona App

Disinfectant? Check! Soap? Check! Corona app? Check! We developed the BeeSafe app. An app that allows you to work safely in the office, with corona-proof workplaces. Not only in the supermarket or on the street, but also in the office. Are you ready for it? If so, learn more about how the BeeSafe one-and-a-half-meter app ensures corona-proof workplaces.

How to create corona-proof workplaces

Employees working from home are looking forward to spending a day at the office. Additionally, employers would like to gradually return to the old situation. But one thing is certain: safety at the office is a priority. The BeeSafe app allows you to work safely at the office. But how does the BeeSafe app make the office corona-proof?

A safe working environment app

BeeSafe enables safe working in the office by making a limited number of workstations available to employees. These workplaces are at least 1.5 meters apart from each other. The available workstations are identified in advance and added in the BeeSafe app. In addition, the employees are registered. Once the workstations, rooms and employees have been created, the app is ready for use. Ready to work safely in the office!

Keeping distance with the BeeSafe app

Coming into the office and walking straight to your own desk? Unfortunately, that won’t be possible for a while. Only a limited number of workplaces will be made available because of the 1.5 meters distance that has to be maintained. With the BeeSafe app, these available workplaces, with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, will be identified. Would you like to come to the office? Then be the first to download the app available via iOS or Android. You check in to an available workplace or space and check yourself out when you leave that workplace or space. “So am I flex working?” Yes, as a matter of fact, you are. Nobody will have fixed workspace. Your employer will determine which workplaces can be used, so that keeping your distance as an employee becomes child’s play. Do you want to secure a place in the office? Then book a workplace in advance via the app. Preventing you from coming to the office without any more available places left.

Workplaces corona-proof? Check!

Safety at work and a safe working environment are of the utmost importance. We therefore believe that the BeeSafe app offers a good solution for every company, from start-up to enterprise. Are you also convinced? Then create an account here. Up to 5 employees can use the BeeSafe app for free!

Working safely at the office?

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