Flexible working

Flexible working

In the blink of an eye, our world has fundamentally changed. The coronavirus affects every aspect of our lives. In the midst of all the uncertainty, we know one thing for sure: “business as usual” no longer exists.

During the first weeks of quarantine, we all tried to find our way through a new routine. All you did was travel from the bedroom to the living room, and from the couch to the dining table. Contact with colleagues went through video meetings or a short email. At the time, we may have called this flexible working, but it is actually the most inflexible way of working you can think of.
As more and more countries start easing the coronavirus measures, many companies will consider making flexible working arrangements part of their corporate culture. In fact, employees expect it. The questions we ask ourselves are: what will flex-working look like after the spike? And what resources are needed to make it possible to work safely and in a healthy work environment?

Working in the office, from your home office or both?

Many employees want to return to the office as soon as possible. Nevertheless, a study by Stepstone shows that more than 60% would like to keep the option of working from home. Flex working after COVID 19 can therefore become absolutely normal.

Back to the office, one step at a time

It is incredibly important not to rush a return to the office and think carefully about all the steps. Many employees are worried about their jobs and a return to the normal way of working provides a sense of security. The fact that people are longing for this is completely normal. But also the way we work at the office is going to change dramatically.

Companies have to meet a wide range of health, safety and hygiene requirements. And of course rules concerning keeping distance also apply in the office. In many cases, this means that not all employees can return at the same time, but that teams can take turns using the office.

Making it possible with a flexible working app

Whilst many companies are still in the process of corona-proofing the office, the technology already offers a fairly simple answer: BeeSafe. BeeSafe is a workplace management app that helps you create a corona-proof office.

The employer inventorizes the number of available workstations in the office and easily enters them into the app. The occupancy rate is displayed in real time in the application. Employees can then reserve a workplace from home and see whether it is safe to go to the office.

At the office, employees can check in to workstations and common areas. That way, keeping a distance at the office is no longer a problem, even during lunch time.

Test the social distancing app for free

Safety at work has never been more important. The BeeSafe app not only makes flex-working easy, but also ensures the safety and health of employees after COVID. Would you like to try the flexwork app for free? Create an account here. Up to 5 employees can use the BeeSafe app for free!

Safe Flex working at the office?

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