Social distancing in the office

Social distancing in the office

People successfully keep a meter and a half distance from each other. We have been able to practice keeping distance in the supermarket, drugstore and other public places for the past few weeks.

The main solution for companies was to let employees work from home as much as possible. Now it’s time to exchange your corona home office for your corona-proof office again. But how do you guarantee that employees also keep a distance of one and a half meters at the office?

One and a half meter app / Social distancing app

The concept of the BeeSafe app should help employees to keep a safe distance of one and a half meters in the office and help companies to realise a coronaproof office. The app has been successfully tested for several weeks in the Dutch office of Handpicked Agencies. The concept is suitable for every company, from start-up to enterprise.

4 tips for maintaining sufficient distance at the office

Tip 1: provide an overview of the number of available workplaces Make it as easy as possible for your employees to keep a distance of 1.5 meter from each other at the office by indicating how many and which workplaces are available. If you use the BeeSafe app, you can easily add available workstations in the app. At the office, you can make corona proof workstations known to employees by sticking stickers on the workstation. Tip 2: set rules Establish clear rules about keeping a distance in the office and ensure that everyone is informed. With the one and a half meter app from BeeSafe, for example, employees can reserve a workplace before the start of their working day. The occupancy rate at the office is visible in real time in the application. This allows your employees to decide in advance whether it’s safe to work at the office. Tip 3: set a compulsory walking direction Setting up one-way traffic helps your employees to keep a one-and-a-half meter distance in the office. Structure employees’ walking routes through the office. You can do this using large stickers on the floor! These can be ordered from the BeeSafe website. To avoid counter traffic as much as possible, we recommend that employees navigate a room clockwise. Also pay attention to problematic areas such as the stairs! Tip 4: one and a half meters distance between workplaces As we are used to from the cash registers in the supermarkets, we also have to coronaproof workplaces. Ensure that there is a distance of one and a half meters between all workplaces. In addition, provide your employees with sufficient disinfectants.

Social distancing app for offices?

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