BeeSafe makes it easy and safe for your employees to get back to work in the office. Why does BeeSafe work well?

Why this app?

The app provides insight into the workstations that are still available in each department. You choose your reserved or available workspace and check in via BeeSafe. The dashboard is updated immediately. You can also check in to shared rooms, such as the canteen. On the dashboard, both the organisation and you can see what's going on.

Easy and fast

The app is easy to use, everyone can use it.


Privacy and anonymity of users is guaranteed.

Realtime insights

It is possible for employees to check in and out at any time of the day. This way there are no unnecessary empty workplaces.

Book a workplace

Reserve a workplace in advance, so that employees can be sure of a place in the office.

Accurate to workplace level

With a clear overview per department, employees do not have to search through the office for an available workplace.

Working safely at the office?

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