Workplace management

Workplace management

Governments around the world have called on everyone to work from home as much as possible. After almost two months of working from home, employees are looking forward to spending a day at the office again. Additionally, employers would like to gradually return to the old situation. But for them too, safety at the office is of the utmost importance. Which means a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between employees and clean workplaces.

Workplace Management Software

Workplace management will therefore become an essential part of corona proofing the office. This raises the question: how do you start with this and what steps should you take as an employer or company? Our answer to this problem is the BeeSafe app. This app allows employers to make an inventorization of their maximum workplace capacity at the office and employees to check themselves in and out of a certain workplace or space. This allows for good and easier workplace management during this period. Moreover, the app provides an up-to-date insight into the available (work)places. This way, employees keep the right distance and everyone can work safely at the office.

Social distancing in the workplace

Social distancing is one of the measures to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Not only in the supermarket, but also in the office, a distance of 1.5 meters should be kept. The BeeSafe social distancing app ensures that both employers and employees can maintain the one and a half meter distance. Below, we give a step-by-step breakdown of how to maintain.

The inventorisation of available workplaces is part of workplace management

In order to keep one and a half metres between workplaces, an inventory should be made of the maximum capacity of the working environment. How many (work) places can be created? How many individuals are allowed to come to the office? Once the most important insights have been determined, you can start adding general areas, (work)spaces and users to the management environment. Learn how? Watch the demonstration here. Afterwards, simply print out the QR codes and place them at the various (work) places and spaces. They can also be printed on stickers. The necessary preparations have been made, you can start using the BeeSafe app!

Employees will start flexible working from home

After installing the app, available for iOS and Android, employees can use the BeeSafe app. A fixed workplace is a thing of the past, because employees reserve their flex-workspace in the app in advance of the workday. Once you arrive at the office, you check in to your digital workplace by scanning the QR code (using the app) on your desk. Not reserved in advance, but would you like to come to the office? No problem! The app provides an up-to-date overview of the number of (work)places available, so you can instantly see whether there is still a place or space available. Finally, don’t forget to check out your digital workplace when you leave it. This way, after a good cleaning, colleagues can also use the same workplace.

Realtime insights

The app provides up-to-date insight into the available (work)places in each department. So you can see how many places are still available and whether it is safe to go to the office.


Safety at work and a safe working environment are of the utmost importance. We therefore believe that the BeeSafe app offers a good solution for every company, from start-up to enterprise. Are you also convinced? Then create an account here. Up to 5 employees can use the BeeSafe app for free!

Safe workplace management at your office?

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